Processes to support your project

Often our customers need to reassure their clients how waste metals will be handled. KA Anderson’s facilities offer an impressive solution, with two fully equipped sites, high levels of service and full compliance regulations and certifications for specialist disposal, tracking and destruction where required. This brings confidence to a project adding to your professionalism as a business. The site offers the following:

  • Environmental credentials – keeping to the values of our customers
  • Traceability – providing reassurance on both where material goes and comes from
  • Contracts marketing – our facility as part of your project service
  • Legal workforce
  • Logistics – from on-site support to shipping material overseas
  • Professional team – proven working methods and a friendly and experienced team.


> Testing
> Cable Processing
> Cutting
> Shearing
> Bailing

We also offer some advanced processes for specialist metals such as separating high value grades of coppers and stainless steel. If you have a specific requirement, please contact our technical team to discuss on 01765 604833.

87% of constructional steel is recycled