Metals Collection

Many sites demand a fast response as waste metals can be both a hazard and hamper construction. KA Anderson understands these demands, so our logistics team work with sites to ensure safe, reliable and efficient metal removal.

From a single site collection to a temporary local depot. Near your site, we can also offer backup and removal services where you may need us on site for a period of several weeks.

KA Anderson’s team are flexible to adapt and help with your project support requirements.


Recyclable metals

Here are some of the metals we can recycle:

Copper (Non-Ferrous)
All grades including, bright wire, electro plate, tube foil, cuttings, stampings, anodes and cathodes.

Stainless Steels, Nickel & Exotic Alloys (Non-Ferrous)
All grades of stainless scrap including solids and turnings, new, used and re-usable plates and tubes.

Precious Metals & Exotic Scrap (Non-Ferrous)
Including circuit boards, processors and catalysts.

Aluminium (Non-Ferrous)
All grades including Lithographic sheets, 3000 series, extrusions, castings, solids, turnings and cables.

Cable (Non-Ferrous)
Including leaded, low grade, VIR quadrant, household and tape.

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Daily metal collection throughout the UK